Get to Know Ray McGlynn

We caught up with Ray McGlynn, our Business Development Manager – Renewables, to talk about what his role means for Pryme Group, what he predicts as growth areas in the energy industry, and more…

Q: What does your role as Business Development Manager – Renewables entail?

A: My main focus is to build upon the successes Caley Ocean Systems, and its partner Houlder, have experienced with the innovative tooling solutions developed to assist with foundation installation support.

This technology and manufacturing expertise, demonstrated in Caley’s Pile Fixation Tools for the global offshore wind market, assist with the safe and efficient installation process of offshore assets. Our products are currently being used by both the operator and global EPCIs on several major European Projects and engagement is currently ongoing for support on other Global opportunities. Working alongside the wider Pryme Group team, I will build on and scope out new projects and areas of growth for the business.

My role aims to build on and scope out new projects and areas of growth for the business. The network I have built up will be invaluable in doing so, especially as we continue to build awareness and new relationships across the Renewable Sector.

The technology Pryme Group has to offer speaks for itself, and I will facilitate the conversations between Pryme Group and the contacts I’ve amassed in the energy and defence industries, as well as new contacts, to source scopes of work.

Q: What have been your greatest achievements in your career so far?

A: A crucially important element of my job is building trusted relationships – both internally and externally, across the sectors I’ve worked in. The pivotal point in my career was moving from the defence sector to the energy industry 20 years ago, a decision I made to provide more stability for my young family. Once I made the move, I developed a keen interest in asset integrity which continues to this day!

Throughout my career, my biggest achievements have been increasing overall business awareness of the wider industry being operated in, and therefore influencing key decisions. Whether that be advising on mergers, undertaking due diligence duties, or providing strategic business development recommendations – it’s satisfying to know you’re making a positive difference.

Q: What do you think the main growth areas will be in the UK for renewable energy in the coming years?

A: The UK currently has the largest offshore wind presence in the world, and this market, along with the Global, is set to increase exponentially over the next decade. Green hydrogen is still in relative infancy, but the innovative technology being developed will provide vast opportunity. There is massive scope for companies across the UK to tap into this upcoming expansion, and fast track the maturation of the renewable energy supply chain.

Being involved in the next steps of the net zero journey is a rewarding and interesting process. As companies like Pryme Group continue to focus on building clean energy solutions for customers, it is a continually evolving industry which is exciting to be a part of!

Q: Finally, what hobbies and interests do you enjoy in your spare time? 

A: When I was younger, I competed nationally in Taekwondo and still have a keen interest in fitness, though as I have gotten older, I have slowed down quite a bit!

I enjoy listening to live music and going to concerts with my wife. We follow local tribute bands in and around Glasgow which is always entertaining and it’s good to support the local venues and bands, too.

We also love travelling and visiting new places, especially when there is sun involved, but as with everyone, we haven’t done as much as we’d have liked over the past couple of years!


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